I was lucky to be involved with an epic collaboration to create ‪#‎weloveatl‬‘s interactive installation in the atrium of the CNN Center. The installation shares curated photos from the #weloveatl hashtag to CNN Center’s 2-3 million annual visitors. You can participate throughout 2015 by using the #weloveatl hashtag on your Instagram photo and if it gets a “like” from @weloveatl, it is added to the gallery in real-time.

My responsibilities on this project were collaborating on the gallery design as well as prototyping and implementing the front-end code for the animated gallery that is on display. It is a web app running in the Chrome browser on a Mac Mini using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, NodeJS, and AngularJS.

In addition to the awesome #weloveatl team and my Experiences, Activations & Technology group at Turner, the collaboration includes HLN’s @thedailyshare and Ready Set ATL.


Here’s a short video clip of the gallery animation: