Lauren is a focused creative leader with extensive experience envisioning, designing and developing web and emerging technology applications. She specializes in product and design vision and strategy, design thinking and execution, data-informed practices, and operations. Her work experience spans multiple digital media disciplines, industries, and organization types like SaaS high-growth startups, enterprise, small and medium agencies, and the public sector.

Lauren holds a Master of Science degree in Digital Media from Georgia Institute of Technology along with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Graphic Design from Georgia Southern University. She is a civic design and data visualization enthusiast.

"Lauren Langley was on our team at the Synaethestic Media Lab at Georgia Tech. She is an excellent digital media designer, creative, yet very reliable. She is a favorite team member of the top-flight computer science graduates attending Tech in the HCI program, which speaks volumes! If talent coupled with a great personality, technical acumen, and a willingness to work hard is what you want, recruit Lauren. She is a rare talent!"

− Susan J. Robinson, Associate Director for Communication Science, CDC

"Lauren graced us with her talent and creativity here at Hot House of Design for close to 3 years. Her creativity and solutions to creative problem solving never ceased to amaze us. We watched her grow from just out of college turning into a professional designer in a matter of months. She learned fast and took on any project with gusto."

− Cindi de Vosjoli, Owner, Hot House of Design

"Lauren brings her eye for detail and does not lose sight of the big picture. She's cool under pressure, a pleasure to work with, and you know whatever is supposed to be done is going to get done the best it possibly can."

− James Braner, Owner, Braner Creative