For the premiere of TNT’s Legends (starring the great Sean Bean), my team collaborated with the TNT marketing and social teams to create a social activation takeover on the American Eagle boards in NYC’s Times Square.

The concept is for TNT fans or passersby to reveal their custom “legend” (undercover identity) on the board by tweeting a selfie with two overt identities (i.e. #father or #baker) along with #mylegendTNT.

Leveraging a custom application, the hashtagged photos were collected and processed in near real-time, outputting the two overt identities and one legend as text overlaying a black & white version of the selfie.

Here’s an example legend, where WEAPONS SPECIALIST is the legend and DESIGNER and CROSSFITTER were the original hashtagged truths:

Legend Lauren

In addition to building the experience with a custom application and the Twitter API, Cloudinary was used to process these unique images.

My contributions to this project include the user flow, concept graphics, HTML, CSS transitions, and Cloudinary templates.